Kenneth from Maine

We just had the privilege to speak and pray with Kenneth over the phone (he handed in a prayer request at the last ACN church service.)

Kenneth accepted Jesus Christ into his life at an ACN church service 1 ½ years ago. He said he grew up Catholic, but when he attended the service, he immediately knew he needed Jesus in his life as his Lord and Savior. Kenneth said he used to suffer from depression and would drink every single day. God has delivered and freed him from his oppression! He is now full of joy, happiness, purpose, and spends time with the Lord every morning.

His wife currently has Alzheimer’s and he visits her in the nursing home every single day. But Kenneth sees how God is using this in his life. He told us he knows the nursing home where his wife is staying is his mission field. When he goes there, he visits his wife along with every person he feels needs hope. He spends his time shining the light and love of Christ, and countless people say their day is made when they encounter Kenneth.

This is Kenneth’s grace story. God took this man who was hopeless and gave him hope AND purpose. The Lord has given Kenneth so much joy in serving those in the nursing home, and he realizes God has placed him there for a reason.

Praise God for his activity in people’s lives- He is always changing hearts!

*God can use any season in our life for His good and glory! Are you letting God use you in such a way? There is SO MUCH hope and purpose to be found in living for Christ no matter what our circumstances may be. God has called you and entrusted you with something. Seek Him to discover where that may be!

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