God is With Us!!!


When bad things happen, God's goodness is poured out to remind us He is always with us!

***We called a prayer request card we received at the last event in Phoenix. Before we even got a chance to tell her why we were calling (to pray with her), she spoke out immediately: "I know why God is having you call us right now!"

Turns out through complicated surgeries, this woman's husband lost his eye sight just last week. This seems to be a tragedy, but God has been using this tragedy for GOOD in this couples life! The husband who lost his eye sight just committed his life to the Lord LAST NIGHT! PRAISE GOD!

They then proceeded to share that they have been flooded with prayers- so many Christians have been there for them and encouraging them. That alone is a sign of Gods love in action for people in need.

Praise God for using ALL things for our good. He triumphs EVERY test, trial, and tragedy!

Romans 8:28