Start Making Disciples

Discipleship is a lot easier than we think it is. Maybe you’ve been in church for a while, and you’ve never been trained nor told that you can and are called to make disciples.

So often we just assume discipleship is for the church staff and pastors. But if you follow Jesus, you are called to make disciples right where you’re at.

If you have been born again and you have a bible, you can make disciples. Don’t let fear of not feeling enough keep you from investing into other lives for the kingdom.

Discipleship is more than just pouring into someone. Discipleship is coming along side someone and learning and growing WITH them. It’s not about knowing all the answers to their questions, but admitting you don’t know everything and learning, studying, and discussing the truth of God’s word together. In this space, God will meet you where you’re at. He will be in the midst of studying the word and in your time of learning from Him and each other.

Here’s a challenge- begin to pray and ask God for one person you can meet up with weekly (or every other week) to go through a book of the bible together.

This person could be a friend, co-worker, neighbor, or even a child or grand-child. Keep your mind open to who God would want you to disciple. Have clear goals as a group- pick a book of the bible and read a chapter of that book every week, then when you meet up go over what you have learned from the previous week.

I have been doing this with some friends of mine for a couple months now, and our time together has been AMAZING! Each of us is being challenged, we have a safe space to share our struggles, and our love for studying the bible is deepening.

Jesus Christ invested into 12 people while on earth. Those 12 men led to the church being built, which lead to you and I knowing Jesus today. What could happen if we chose to be faithful with the few? What if we stopped and saw those who God has already placed in our paths today? Call me crazy but I truly believe the gospel would spread, lives would be changed, and the kingdom of God expanded.


Click here to learn how to do a HEAR Journal. If you struggle getting in the word daily, then this would be a good tool for you! If we’re lazy in the word, then we will be lazy in the plans and purposes God has for us. Bible reading time is the main way to grow in our walks with Christ!