Kevin D. Boyd is Senior Pastor of Truth Christian Ministries International (TCMI) in Las Vegas, Nevada and the speaker at our arena worship services attracting thousands of people to hear (many for the first time) the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  

With nearly 20 years of Ministry and Business woven together, God has created a unique platform for Kevin to speak into the lives of thousands of business men and women alike – sharing with them the transforming power of God. Pastor Kevin Boyd has a tremendous desire to stir the hearts of men and women alike into action, by the anointed preaching of God's word. 

For several years he has dedicated his life to the call of raising and developing leaders. He also realized that God had anointed him in business and as he developed in his ministry, he and his wife Gayla founded successful businesses that they still own and manage today.

A native of California, Pastor Kevin relocated to Las Vegas with his family in 1985. In 1993, he assisted his father, Bishop Jerry Boyd, in founding what is now TCMI. Just a few years later (while still serving as youth pastor), Pastor Kevin founded GYG (God's Youth Group), which to this day is well known in Las Vegas and in many churches throughout the west coast. 

He and his wife, Gayla, have also developed and own different successful businesses in the Las Vegas area, as well.  Kevin and Gayla have a tremendous desire to lead people into life more abundantly by teaching and living first hand, Divine God Principals.  They have 3 amazing sons: Austin, Eastin and Destin.


Pastor Kevin is the author of  Prepare Yourself to Be Blessed:  How To Purposely Enter Into Abundant Living: Activate God’s Favor & Begin Living a Life Abundantly Blessed.

It takes real preparation to truly be able to handle and enjoy blessings.

It is important to live a life of always believing forward. Refuse to let your history control your destiny.

"Prepare Yourself to be Blessed" breaks down the fundamentals of divine principles and divides the reasoning behind why you may not be experiencing the blessings of life. 

Kevin Boyd strategically takes you on a journey to reveal the power that resides within you through the spoken word and consistent cooperation with these life changing principles.

From naming your day to gathering lavishly while having a grateful heart, this book will have you examine your life's walk while leading you into purposely living a life that is blessed . . .abundantly!

The best is yet to come!