Amazing Christian Network Mission Statement

Our mission is to help fulfill the Great Commission by reaching out to the marketplace by transforming believers into leaders through prayer and discipleship. 

Our goal is to follow-up and disciple those who come through our marketplace ministry. We want to be a resource for people across the nation and world to grow in their relationships with Jesus Christ. Through our efforts, we hope to achieve greater things as we unify believers for one cause: the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Who We Are 

A special thanks to all our volunteers who make this worship service possible! 

Amazing Christian Network
Our Purpose

Introducing entrepreneurs & renewing relationships with Jesus Christ. The goal of transforming believers into leaders. 

Over the last several years, through the Amazing Christian Network, many people have received Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and Lord and experienced the new life in Jesus Christ. 

We lovingly offer the bibles and devotional books to the new believers. We also provide various opportunities, bible study, telephone conference , counseling, and leadership training.

Amazing Christian Network truly has a mandate from the Lord to train and equip Christian entrepreneurs in personal evangelism and discipleship through what we call the "360 degree Leadership Training."

Our prayer is that many Christian entrepreneurs will take part in this ministry, deal with the new era, have a huge impact on the market place, and ultimately transform the world.

Surely enough, this website is open to all who want to know of His love, salvation, care, and purpose in our lives. 

Through this website, we hope many will grow in Christ, many will truly learn what it means to follow our Lord and Savior, and many will share their life stories with others and pray for one another.

Dominic Secchiaroli, the Founder of Amazing Christian Network survived a massive heart attack June 2013. God miraculously healed his whole body, except his eyesight. Dominic is fully blind. Even though this is his reality, it hasn't stopped him from fulfilling more of what God has called him to do!